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I wish to ask a favour from you guys..Some of you may or may not know me but I would really appreciate it if you could help me out. My siblings participated in the video competition and they are running for RM20k grand prize. They need the votes to make it into the top 3. If you have a facebook account and some time to spare, I hope you can help them by "liking" their video with the below procedures:

First 'like' this page :

And then:


Please get your friends to vote too! Thank youuuu!!

P/s: If you happened not to find any "like" button on the video link, that means you have not "like" the main page, which is Institut Terjemahan Negara Malaysia (ITNM). You also need to "like" the video link afterwards to that the vote is counted.

Of Reunion Dinner and Last Minute Shopping

Yup, the title says it all.

Yes, we reached Kuala Terengganu without facing any difficulties.. It would really suck if we have to turn back due to blocked road and flooded route. 

We reached on time for dinner at 6pm. As usual, we are pretty early for dinner. Grandma was still preparing the table and arranging the food of the night. Dinner was the same old : roasted duck, steamed big prawns, Assam fish, stir fry vegetables and pig stomach soup. Surprisingly, the atmosphere was pretty quite this year. My cousins from my dad's side were not around. My eldest cousin, Jace will be delivering soon - hopefully next March. So, it's best to celebrate New Years at her in-laws in Negeri Sembilan and appease them with the good news, if you know what I mean...

Anyways, had a last minute shopping in Mydin Hypermarket. Was pretty awed with the hypermarket here. It is twice the size you have in Kuantan, have food and clothing department and free wifi! Beat that! And as usual, my mum was glued towards shopping that we have to endure wandering around checking out clothes for my younger siblings. Bought nothing but three boxes of Dempo Snow, the stuff that makes dead skin go away, apparently...       

Oh, my leg is hurting like hell... Somehow, my eyes felt heavy...

Need to sleep...


Rain, rain go away...

It's pretty depressing when the first thing you see everyday when you wake up is dark grey skies, endless thunderstorms and infinity droplets of rain...

Yup, it supposed to be Chinese New Year, yet the rain keeps pouring down like there is no tomorrow. There were a few places that have been victimized by the recent heavy downpour - Johor, Negeri Sembilan and Kelantan. Hopefully, Terengganu won't be next in the list or else I have no idea how are we travelling back this Wednesday for reunion dinner.
It's already bad enough that there are no proper tarred highways back to my dad's hometown, getting stuck in the middle and being forced to turn back would be even worse..

Have a pretty lame semester break and was pretty unproductive... Am still stuck with the same old chapter on Cournot Nash equilibrium.. i can't believe I have actually forgotten all about these things that I have studied last two semesters.. Guess what, I found out that the next series of Industrial Economics is an open book test. Am not really sure whether it supposed to be a good or bad thing but am looking forwards for it. Looking at the bright sight, at least I'm able to refer to something if I were to forget but then again with two hours time limit, I doubt I could do much of "Ctrl + V" on my test paper. If anyone has tips of how to ace an open book test, please do let me know because you might be able to save my life. 

Watched two episode of Crime Scene Investigation and Life as We Know It movie yesterday. I know, I supposed to be revising but somehow was totally not in a mood to read anything (And yes, am blaming it on the weather, so sue me).

Something triggered me to watch CSI a week ago when I read that Justin Bieber was a guest star in one of the episodes.I Youtubed one of the previews, and man I think JB should just stick with singing and dancing.Got to tell you, I was totally horrified that MTV's gonna produced a movie on him! [Check it out here:] 

He's definitely not a born actor... Actually, he kinda remind me of Taylor Swift's B rating act in Valentine's Day a year ago. I mean, she and Lautner do make a cute couple on screen and all... But honestly, her acting sucks, literally ! To clear things up, I'm not a JB or TS hater. I love their music, just not their acting. Somehow, it kinda reminded me of comparative advantage theory in Economics back in Year 1 - do the things that you do best and trade among each other, well in this case, collaborate and entertained.  Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift do have comparative advantage in singing, not absolute advantage in everything. Hell, if they do try to act in movies or series, they might caused a serious misallocation of their resources talent.

Good looks do not define good acting talent. Ditto.

Anyways, it's so good to hear from Shaun again. We were supposed to meet up this Saturday for a high school reunion night. It's great that most of the members are around - Vishnu, Suresh, Brian, and Raymond. Heck, I haven't seen that guy in years...Am so looking forward to the gathering.. If I could wish for one thing, I would have turned back time and relived high school. All the crazy stuff we used to do together in class.. oh, how I missed them! 


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Still Surviving....

It's been a while since I have updated my status here. Alas, the final year pressure has finally caught up with me. With endless assignment meetings cropping up here and there, I barely have time to myself... sighs...

Some major events so far:

1. Went to watch Adam Lambert's concert in Stadium Bukit Jalil. I gotta admit it was the most spectacular show that I have ever seen. Despite the one hour delay and getting the cheapest seat in the concert, boy I felt extremely contented. It ended with an epic encore of his famous Mad World that he had charmed us all back in his American Idol days. Seriously, never in my life I have dreamed that I would be able to attend his concert. All the last minute rush was worth it! 

2. Did a AU fanfic of Sagakure's Cradle of Blood. For the ones who are clueless on what's going on. Its basically my version of certain scenes from the original storyline. This fanfic also include a self- made prolouge and epilouge which may not make sense to some of you now as it's non related to SGK's main plot. 

A short summary on the AU related chapters: 

A meeting with a certain someone have spurred miraculous events ten years in the future for an enslaved vampire. A twist of fate have reunited both hunter and vampire in the most unexpected way. Will they both realized their hidden feelings before its too late to turn back?


Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:

3. Am getting myself a new car, Viva Elite in replacement with my Perodua Kancil. I'm facing a dilllema choosing the colors: silver or blue one. I'm still comfortable with manual transmission than auto... Decisions, decisions...

Well, that's all so far... Will be back with more update once I get rid of all my assignments....

Fanfic Update III: Salvation: Legend of Silver Fangs

Finally, I managed to finish this chapter without having to procrastinate it again. *cheers*

As you would have probably realized, there is a change in the title..

No worries, the plot remains the same.

Just a few additions of twist here and there, depending on Hino's original storyline...

I would like to thank all of the reader's superb patience while waiting for this super long update.

Here it is:

 Salvation: Legend of Silver Fangs

Category: Vampire Knight
Chapter 2 Title: Discovery
Words: 2,164
Genre(s): Hurt/Comfort/Friendship
Rating: Rated: T
Summary: Caught in the maelstorm of the Ancient War, Kuran had casted a spell
on himself to prevent further destruction of his people. He was then awakened
by two children who would craft his destiny as well as theirs. Spoilers for VK
ancestral arc  chp 59-61



I'm Back!


*crawls from the depths of hellish RL*

My semester has officially ended two weeks ago. This means I finally can focus on finishing my WIP fanfics. *avoids javelin and stones

Good news for all of you. I have finally updating my HIATUS fanfic, What About Us?  I'm apologised profusely for the major delay. I gotta admit, I was too distracted by my plot bunnies to create new fics. I planned to continue the HIATUS fanfics first as well as the 'supposed' to-be one shots.   

Here is the link to the fanfic: "Why should I stop when your body cries for me?"

I hope you enjoy it! Please remember to leave me a comment/ review after reading. 

It's the perfect token of appreciation to any writer! 

The next update will be the AU for Cradle of Blood. Basically, this chapter is my version of Sagakure's original plot. The chapter features a bonus scene in between chapter 13 to 14. Depending on the way the storyline goes, I may create a whole totally new alternate universe from the original plot. 

Sneak peek ^^ ( Don't read if you don't like spoilers...

Collapse ) 

VK Manga Coloring

The product of 3 hours of solid work... This is the a mesh up from the latest manga chapter, 60. I check the raw yesterday, and couldn't help myself to color this...
Somehow, this reminds me of chapter 20 of blackenedwing 's Secrets in the Dark, where Zero was desperately trying to reach out to a traumatized Kaname from being haunted by the memories of his past. Rather than Rido's hand, I imagine it is Nasser's imaginary hand haunting the poor pureblood..
I finally got myself SAI painting tool and gotten the hang of it. GIMP and SAI is such a perfect combination!




Adam Lambert Vampire Knight Marathon

It's finally back!

My Adam Lambert moe mode is back again!

I was replaying Adam Lambert CD in my car a few days and tried to listen to rest of the songs, aside from For Your Entertainment. A few songs caught my interest, particularly Aftermath. Immediately my mind drafted out a plot involving a lot of VK pairings that suited to the super angsty song... 

At the end, the Kiryuu twins took the spotlight. Don't worry, its not twincest...

So I whipped up a fanfic within 2 hours featuring Ichiru and Zero. Aftermath is also the entry fic that I am going to post for DreamS TraderS challenge. Thus, at the moment would be a one-shot and less than 1800 words. Perhaps, I will alter it again in once the contest is over, making it a complete songfic featuring different pairings of VK characters.

If you are interested in reading it, here is the link: Please leave me a review if you do have time. I will really appreciate it...

I recommend you to listen to it here . I'm not saying its good because I'm a fan of Adam Lambert's. You should not miss out on the beautifully written lyrics. The song practically had angsty/hurt/comfort written all over it... 

Check out the lyrics below:

I'm planning to do a Adam Lambert songfic marathon once I'm done with my current semester. The songs that are in the list are:

1. What Do You Want From Me
2. If I had You
3. For Your Entertainment
4. Aftermath (revised version)
5. Sleepwalker

If you guys have any favourite pairings that wanted to featured in the fics, don't hesitate to PM me or leave me a comment here.

Alright, I'm off to revision...

Towed Away...


I was on my way back home yesterday when all the sudden the car battery died. Mum and I were stranded in the middle of the North-South highway, 98.6km near Lanchang exit. We kinda panicked for a moment before we settled down with the plan of hitching a bus back to KL. The problem was the place was pitch-black and we have no idea what time the buses that were passing by. We called the PLUS highway emergency number and waited almost an hour before a patrol car came to rescue. He made a report of incident and placed some safety cones at the side of the road. The PLUS patrol guard told us that we could tow the car to Termerloh station which was exactly 32km from where we were. So there goes our plan to hitch a ride back to KL.  After signing some documents, the patrol truck left us alone with a promise that a tow truck would come in half an hour’s time. So they we were sitting in our broken car, waiting...

The tow truck came an hour later. An elderly man hopped out from the vehicle and asked us about the car. To our demise, he who told us that they could only tow the car until the nearest toll, that happened to be Lanchang which by the way, was one of the terms in the document.  That was the opposite of what we were told earlier. He argued further that he could not do so because the company would accuse him of corruption if he were to breach the contract. After having a heated argument with the man, he finally relented because it was totally not our fault...

Off we went to the Termeloh exit, in the towed car. I must say it was one heck of an experience. It happened to rain heavily at that time and the windows were winded down. By the time we arrived at the Termeloh toll, we were drenched. The tow truck left us there at the side of the road and gave us a number. He told us that there was a workshop was just 2 km away from the toll, where there will be a mechanic who could help us to fix the car. That was all he could do to help... So, option of catching a bus back home to Kuantan was out of the question.

After discussing for almost an hour or two, mum and I decided to take the risk and jumpstart the car to find the nearest hotel available in Termeloh town. After a couple of push, the car was alive and we sped off. This time, we had no headlights and air-con on. We were lucky to reach the Green Park hotel just in time before the battery died again.

We checked in at the reception at 2 in the morning with only the clothes on our back. The price was pretty cheap, RM 68 for a double bed room. The receptionist was very nice; he assured us that we could settle the problem by 10am the next morning as we happened to be at the right location where car services shops were abundant. We took dinner at 3am at a nearby stall. I guess when you are tired and hungry, super salty and spicy fried noodles and ant-flavour cocoa drink tasted heavenly...

 It was our life saver...

This morning we went to the car service shop to fix the car. To our surprise, it only cost us RM 25! Apparently the alternator was still intact but the fan belt had eroded due to old age.

Quickly I did a mental calculation on the money that we might have wasted if we were to take the first option.

RM 60 to tow the car for the toll to the night mechanic shop

RM 30 for taxi trip to the nearest hotel

RM 68 for accommodation

RM 200 for repair (We would probably got cheated by the mechanic..)  

After the whole ruckus, we only spent exactly RM93!

Thought I have wasted a whole night stranded in the middle of nowhere, it was a great experience for me.

I learned a valuable lesson yesterday.

Never ever laugh at people where their car broke down at the side of the road.

Who knows, you might be in the same situation yourself...

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Kiryuu Twins Moe!

After checking out the latest RAW scanlations uploaded at sagakure 's link, I went into moe mode. Did a manga colouring on one of  the scanlations. Credits goes to Zero Zone who provided the scans and Hino Matsuri for the awesome art!  




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